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Construction & Engineering

NowWorkxs specializes in the recruitment, secondment and remuneration of skilled temporary workers from abroad. These (EU) countries typically have a larger young population, but also a lot of technically trained employees, such as electricians, carpenters, roofers, masons, scaffolding builders, and ceiling system installers.


The hospitality industry is in full swing again; all we now need is staff! There are many vacancies in the industry, and a lot of companies experience difficulties to fill the gaps in their personnel. But how do you find good hospitality staff? By embracing new, creative solutions! An effective solution is to hire temporary hospitality staff from other EU countries through NowWorkx.


Verduurzamingspersoneel inhuren uit de EU? NowWorkx is gespecialiseerd in de werving, selectie en plaatsing (via detachering of verloning) van vakbekwame uitzendkrachten uit heel Europa. We zoeken geschikte kandidaten in landen met een grotere jonge populatie en grote groepen technisch geschoolde medewerkers met veel ervaring in verduurzamingswerk.



We are a committed, specialized company with a great deal of know-how and experience in the field of recruitment, temporary employment, the relevant legal frameworks and the entire back-office behind it. Nowworkx focuses on the Netherlands and Germany. For both countries we offer recruitment and selection of personnel in technology and the hospitality industry. In the Netherlands we can offer suitable candidates for temporary employment, A1 remuneration or on a self-employed basis. In Germany, due to legal legislation, it is only possible to hire through temporary employment.

Our services

A1 Remuneration

We can recruit employees on a temporary basis with a salary according to Dutch legislation. However, it is also possible to pay the employees in compliance with the European A1 remuneration. This has some major advantages for companies without being at the expense of the employee. The four benefits of the A1 regulation are:

All these benefits are within very well-established legal frameworks in which the rights of the employees are guaranteed.

Motivated and enthusiastic

Our employees want to work, are energetic, and will be an asset to your organization.

Ready when you are

We have the champion that your company needs!


NowWorkx takes care of the entire chain; from recruitment and selection abroad to temporary employment, secondment and remuneration in the Netherlands. In everything we do, we carefully follow the legal frameworks and legislation in the EU and EEA. As an employer, you do not want to be faced with surprises when being inspected by authorities (regarding labor or tax). We ensure that the entire process is arranged perfectly according regulations, so you don’t have to worry about fines and additional assessments. NowWorkx can guarantee this as we and our partners have the correct certification, which is reviewed annually on quality and process design.

Our partners received following certification: NEN 4400-2, VCA, VCU, WKA Declaration

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