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A1 Remuneration

De A1-regeling en A1-Verklaring

A person from within the EU is usually covered by the social security legislation of the country in which he/she works. There is one exception: loaned personnel. A loaned employees’ social security is covered for up to two years in the country of origin. The employee is obliged to have an A1 statement. Taxes and other costs are paid in the country of origin and calculated at the local applicable rates.

The four major benefits

van inlenen via de A1-regeling en verlonen met A1-verklaring.

A consequence of the tax differences between EU countries is that labor costs vary between a Dutch or seconded employee from another EU country. Choosing a seconded employee abroad has a significant cost advantage for our clients, but in most cases, it is also beneficial for the employee as he/she receives wages according to the Dutch standards but pays less tax and premiums.

According to the A1 regulation, you do not have to comply with the Balanced Labor Market Act (WAB in Dutch), which means that flexible contracts are possible.

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The Netherlands has a very tight labor market, the shortage of trained employees stands in the way of growth. Recruitment from other EU countries is a great solution.

Tax benefit

For both you and the employee!

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Flexible contracts

According to the A1 regulation, you do not have to comply with the Balanced Labor Market Act (WAB in Dutch), which means that flexible contracts are possible.

No back-office

We take care of all back-office activities related to recruitment, hiring and remuneration in accordance with A1 legislation and regulations. This means no administrative hassle and no risk of fines or additional assessments.

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Convinced of the benefits?

We are happy to help you with the recruitment and remuneration of new employees! For this and other questions, please contact us using the contact form below.

Would you prefer an immediate response? Don’t hesitate to call us (during office hours): 030-7600612

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What we can guarantee

Flexible contracts are no problem

Employees who are paid through the A1 regulation are in fact loaned to you from abroad via their employer (= our temporary employment partner). This means our clients don't have to comply with the Balanced Labor Market Act (WAB in Dutch) and can therefore have fully flexible contracts.

Working in accordance with ABU guidelines

ABU is short for the Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies (Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen). Payments are made in accordance with the ABU guidelines. In short, it means that the A1 regulation will not be misused to disadvantage employees. The main advantages for our clients is the difference in tax premiums, and the flexibility of contracts. If there is no more work, you can terminate the contract immediately.

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European Health Card

Every employee you hire from us receives a European health insurance card. This card gives them access to any necessary medical care within the public health system during their temporary stay in the 27 EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. They receive medical care under the same conditions and at the same cost (free in some countries) as people who have an insurance in that country.

No back-office needed

We take care of all activities related to the A1 remuneration of the hired employees. Personnel administration, payments, checks, tests, contact with tax authorities, health insurance companies, social insurance executive bodies; you do not have to worry about any of it. If our clients require us to also mediate in the recruitment and selection of employees, we ensure the contacts with payroll companies that we work with. In some cases, we can also mediate in accommodation or help to set this up with one of our partners.

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