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Recruiting, secondment, and remuneration of skilled temporary workers abroad

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Hiring construction workers or hiring technical staff

Tekort technisch personeel in Nederland

Hiring technical and construction personnel is becoming increasingly difficult. There is a major shortage of technically skilled employees. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, many technical people lost their jobs, went to work in other sectors or started working as a self-employed specialist.

Additionally, there is less interest in (practical) technical professions, and a decreasing amount of young people entering the labor market due to an aging population. This has major consequences for Dutch companies in under-capacity. There are for instance many difficulties realizing housing construction (and a shortage of housing) in the Netherlands, but in the long term there will be similar problems in all construction-related fields.

17.5 million people...

The housing shortage in the Netherlands reflects the challenges of the national labor market.

A negative trend

More and more Dutch companies are forced to decline orders due to a lack of technical and construction personnel.

Hire construction workers from abroad

Hiring new construction/technical personnel? We know where to find them! NowWorkx specializes in the recruitment, hiring, secondment and remuneration of skilled temporary workers from all over Europe. These countries usually have a larger young population, and a lot of technically trained specialists. This includes electricians, carpenters, roofers, scaffolders, and installers of ceiling systems. As their local wages are lower and there is usually less work, you can imagine that we have no problem to find new, well-trained employees for your company! By hiring technical personnel from abroad, we contribute to the solution for the shortage of skilled technical personnel.

Convinced of the benefits?

Can we help you with the recruitment, hiring and remuneration of technical/construction personnel? NowWorkx helps your company grow! We are happy to answer all your questions and find you the personnel you need.

Would you prefer an immediate response? Don’t hesitate to call us (during office hours): 030-7600612

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Target countries for hiring construction workers

We recruit most of the construction staff and technical employees in Eastern Europe, but we also increasingly hire specialists from Spain and Portugal.

There is a lot of workers, but not enough work in these countries. This gives us the opportunity to do a strict selection of only highly qualified employees. The result? Always very motivated, technical staff with sufficient education and experience in the field!

Receiving the desired staff profile

Recruitment and screening

Selection based on diplomas, experience, personality, and motivation

Aftercare with integration support, language course and much more

Enjoy a happy and successful collaboration

Our methods

We take care of the entire recruitment and selection process for you. The foundation of a successful collaboration and partnership starts with the recruitment of the right personnel and a strict selection and screening process. In the countries where we actively recruit, we work with certified partners who have over ten years of experience in the recruitment and selection of technical personnel.

The potential technical and construction employees are all extensively screened. For the selection that follows, we create an extensive profile including education and analysis, an additional motivation, personality traits and the explanation of the recruiter.

Once you, the client, have reviewed the extensive profiles and the suitable candidates are selected, we will bring them to the Netherlands to work for you. NowWorkx takes care of the entire administration regarding the registration and remuneration of the employees completely in accordance with the European A1 regulation. This regulation is beneficial for both your company and the employee. For instance, the employee receives a European health insurance, and all the work is done according to the NEN44002, VCA, and VCU standards. 

If desired, we can also support in associated matters, such as a Dutch language course, or any required training. This highly improves the immigration, integration within the company, and potential growth opportunities. Staff and customers are important to us, and we find it very important to help all parties as best and personally as possible.

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