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ICT sourcing, een structurele oplossing voor tekort aan ontwikkelaars

About Nowworkx

Nowworkx richt zich op Nederland en Duitsland.

We are a company based in Houten that works in the Netherlands and Germany. For both countries we offer recruitment and selection of personnel in healthcare, technology (mainly construction and infrastructure), and hospitality. In the Netherlands we can offer you employees through temporary employment and A1 remuneration. In those cases, you can also hire them on a freelance basis. In Germany, due to legal legislation, it’s only possible to hire personnel on a temporary or self-employed basis.

Specialist partner

We are a small, specialized company with a lot of know-how and experience in the field of recruitment, temporary employment, the legal frameworks, and the entire back-office behind it. We believe in open and honest collaborations. Our customers are our partners and, in each collaboration, we search for a tailor-made solution, ensuring that our customers get exactly what they asked for. At Nowworkx you always have your own account manager who knows your company and wishes, is always available, and always helps you to solve any problems.

This is what we’re passionate about

We want your company to grow! We love helping organizations moving forward by completing their teams with motivated, qualified personnel. That is what makes our heart tick.

You ask, we deliver

Our many years of experience in this field, results in an extensive, excellent network that our clients can benefit from. With easy access to the highest quality, motivated EU employees, we're ready to help you with any employment challenge!

Convinced of the benefits?

Can we help completing your team with qualified employees? Would you like to know more about our recruitment, remuneration, and methods? Don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form below.

Rather an immediate reply? Please call us (during office hours): 030-7600612

a1 verloning maakt gelukkig

Good for your employees

Your employees are the foundation of your company. The better you take care of them, the better they are for you. Therefore, it’s important to us to always comply with all legal frameworks. Employees from the EEA (European Economic Area) that are seconded to you, are covered by the ‘Terms of Employment Posted Workers in the European Union Act’ (WagwEU in Dutch). This law prescribes that you must treat employees of European companies who work temporarily in the Netherlands in the same way as Dutch employees.

They are entitled to:

Employees who are paid in accordance with the A1 regulation also have rights in the Netherlands. Additionally, there are also other frameworks applicable here. Read more about A1 remuneration and its benefits for you and your employees here


It is a big step to leave your own country to (temporarily) work elsewhere. The above legislation has been enacted to prevent exploitation. As an employer, you want your employees to be productive. Productivity is stimulated when you help employees to feel good, give them perspective, and take care of them. This is why Nowworkx also supports other matters that are important for your new employees. We can look for suitable accommodation in accordance with the Dutch housing standards for labor migrants (SNF in Dutch), and we support you in other matters such as offering a Dutch language course or joining a local community from the country of origin.

Together we take the best care of your people.

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